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A game about driving a floaty thing really fast


  • Race across the world with an amazing assortment of 1 action-packed track(s)!
  • Fly at least 1 different state-of-the-art antigravity camper van things with bleeding-edge Almost Aerodynamics technology!
  • Test your skills against a mostly competent and mostly not-cheating AI!
  • Challenge up to infinity of your friends in local splitscreen multiplayer! The only limit is how small you can see!
  • Track holding you down? Pitch back and take flight! This gives you the cunning advantage of, uh, height, on a mostly 2D track...
  • Dream of the possibilities once I continue this once the game jam's done!

Yeah as you can tell, this is a submission for the GAMES MADE QVIICK??? jam, which is my first game jam and my first ever released game! Created in one week, which I spent adjusting to new medication that stops me sleeping, so judge it the same way you'd judge a small puppy born without two legs trying to navigate a staircase please

Future plans:

I'd like to keep working on this, to turn it into a proper wipeout-like with lots of tracks and a wide variety of vehicles and stuff. Various silly power-ups and weapons are also a big possibility.

Very first plans would be to make the game look better, though - I struggled a lot with the visuals, and the weird sandy terrain with sad palm trees really does look kinda glum compared to what I wanted. More music and SFX is also a big need.

How to play:

  • Open the game! that tends to help
  • The game needs at least one player to work, so press a button on your preferred device!
  • If you have more players with more devices, ask them to press buttons too to join in!
  • The game supports most controllers (?) and the keyboard, but is probably best with a controller. Don't worry it's not doing the late Windows thing of demanding it's an Xbox controller only though
  • Use A/D (keyboard) or left stick (controller) to steer left and right. They haven't finished inventing aerodynamics yet so make sure to oversteer and drift round turns
  • Use W (keyboard) or right trigger (controller) to accelerate! This pushes you in the direction you're facing only and doesn't care about the steering!
  • Use the arrow keys (keyboard) or right stick (controller) to tilt! This rotates you in all the non-steering directions. Use this to avoid hitting the track on steep slopes, and flying into the air over hills. You can also tilt all the way back and fly deliberately, but beware: flying uses up battery (which you get from the track), so use this wisely!
  • Press R (keyboard) or X/Y/Square/THE LEFT CONTROLLER BUTTON (controller) to reset yourself back to the track! You'll be moved 15m backwards from where you were last as a penalty, so try to recover from crashes if you can!

Thanks to:

  • Cloudy (@CloudyBuhtz) for the vehicle models!
  • sankex for inscrutable inside joke artwork!
  • Various other people, check the credits!
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Made withGodot
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller, Joystick
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 16


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